What Are Hard Skills?


If you’ve ever spent much time researching the job hunting process or speaking with a career counselor, then you’ve probably heard the term “hard skills.” But what exactly are they, and how are soft skills different? What are the most in-demand hard skills employers look for today? If you’re looking for answers to questions like this, then you are in luck! The following information will discuss...

What Are Soft Skills?


Soft skills are behaviors and personality traits that can assist candidates in successfully getting hired. Unlike hard or technical skills, soft skills are behavioral and interpersonal skills that help you work with others and progress in your career. Today, we’ll discuss what soft skills are and why they are essential, as well as provide some examples and show you how to use them to craft your...

What is Mock Interview?


A mock interview imitates an actual job interview. This type of interview is helpful and allows you the opportunity to practice how you will act and what you will say during a real interview and receive feedback. Regardless if it’s through online chat, webcam, or in-person, a mock interview is useful in reviewing how you’ll respond to common interview questions and assessing other things such as... - Great way to be prepared for a Technical Interview